Real success… What does it take?

What are the similarities between a musician’s success and business man’s success? A guy has a great idea, launches his company, has a huge success, but then gets fired by his own people, the people that he put together. Did he make the same mistake as an artist who takes off, creates a huge fan base, and then crashes a few years later?

No matter who you are or what you’re doing, authenticity is one of the main features that are necessary to last a long time. People feel it when you’re fake. They sense it when you don’t love what your doing, or when your doing it for another purpose than what your saying. The artist who uses music as a tool to become famous will rarely have a faithful fan base. It’s the artist who’s creating his music for himself that will be respected.

Oddly enough, the artist that is liked and respected the most is the one who does art for himself rather than for the people. The very successful artists say they want to help people, they say they have a message. And people say they love this artist because his message is good. In reality the reason why people love this artist isn’t because of their message. It’s because the artist loves what he’s doing and is authentic to his message. One artist can have the simplest message and be respected for that, while another artist can have the most interesting message but be disliked. In the end it all depends on how true you are to your words.

4 thoughts on “Real success… What does it take?

  1. It depends how you define success…What do you make of Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, One Direction, 98 degrees, etc. You think these guys were/are making true music, true art that is a reflection of their soul? I don’t think authenticity is what brings fame. If it does sometimes, it’s beautiful and true quality, but a lot of times, it’s genius business masterminds creating marketing strategies to appeal to kids who are too young to differentiate what is authentic from what is made-up.

    baby, baby, baby ooouuuu

  2. I think fame is fickle and every mainstream artist peaks and then sort of dies away after sometime. People love you while your “hot” then forget you as soon as someone else that is “hotter” is on the music scene. Being true to yourself doesn’t really apply to mainstream artists, they just have to create a unique identity and be that even if it isn’t who they truly are. They sort of have to become the person they are told to be, where as an independent artist has the flexibility to be themselves. It’s interesting point that you’ve brought up.

  3. Thanks for your comments! I think you guys are both right. Mainly because there are no absolute rules. I agree with you Geoffroy, some mainstream artists are not reflecting their true soul, there are exceptions everywhere in this world. And as you said, it depends what you mean by success. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough in my post, I meant long term success. Justin Bieber isn’t that old, who knows what he is going to be in 10 years… Will his original teenage fans that grow up still like him? There is definitely some genius business masterminds behind his work. I totally agree.

    I think your right Anet in saying that mainstream artists peak and then sort of die away. But to be more precise I would rather say some mainstream artists, not all. I don’t think Lady Gaga is going to fade away that fast. I also agree that “being true to yourself” applies better for smaller niches.

    This blog is quite related to my previous blog n2 “Is fame associated to being a good artist?”. In case you want to check it out.

    Thanks again for your opinion guys

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