The Best in Festivals & Conferences: Tomorrowland



My blog will go over and review the best music festivals and music conferences around the world. I feel the last 10 years have been festival decade. Is it because I stopped playing Nintendo 10 years ago or have music & arts festivals been spreading like HPV around the world? Anyways, I’m interested in learning more about the different strategies event promoters use to market their festival and keep it attractive year after year for the consumers and for artists. Additionally, festival and music conferences are always a good place for managers to showcase and/or discover new talent. Nowadays, some of the biggest music festivals are actually part of a music conference or showcase. Feel free to comment about your personal experiences.

CH.1 – Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland is quite possibly the biggest electronic and dance music festival in the world. It started in 2005 and is held every summer in Belgium. In 2012, 180 000 people from 75 different countries attended the festival. 400 DJs spread across 15 different stages. The 400 biggest EDM DJs.

One thing about Tomorrowland is that they put SO MUCH MONEY, effort and time into the settings, decor and general atmosphere. The main stage is just unbelievable. Actually this is part of what constitutes their most important competitive advantage: the amazing experience they offer. Every year, they reinvest a lot of money into the “show” itself. Not only are DJs of top quality, but the theatrics, décor, lights and props are all considered as essential parts of the consumer’s experience. All your senses are in awe at Tomorrowland. They even have a helicopter flying around the crowd who’s main task is to drop confetti on people.

For the DJs and their managers, Tomorrowland is one the biggest and most important show to play. Not only are they probably getting paid tremendous amounts of money to play but it is a unique chance for amazing international exposure.

One thing I noticed also is that they put a lot of importance in the people attending the show, the crowd is important for them and it shows. 60% of their footage in their promotional video is of the crowd. Gives a chance for people to be in the video, see themselves in it and feel special and that’s another genius marketing trick. Involve the crowd as much as possible.

So that you get a better idea of what it Tomorrow Land is like, here is their official post-festival video of the 2012 edition. A 20 min recap is a little long I think, but hey why not? What else to do with all this cash? But really this video is awesome, 20min of goose bumps. It’s like watching Karate Kid before a fight at 9 years old. Like watching The Mighty Ducks before your hockey finals. But this time it’s about partying.

It’s also a good opportunity to play “pick the hottest girl in the movie” game (my vote goes to 4:45 – 6:58 2nd spot). Yep, sex sales. In fact last year it sold 180 000 tickets (within a day). While the rest of the 2 million people on the waiting list had to watch it from their couch. 2 MILLION. “Hey what’s up? I threw a party in July, 2 million people wanted to come.” Props.

or Click here to watch the video.

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