The collision of EDM & Rap Music – Welcome to “Thug Rave”

Image(Photo from @Flosstradamus Twitter)

An underground revolution is occurring in the United States, gaining rapid popularity thanks to the Internet and increased flow of information and exchange of ideas.  Thanks to the breakdown of the traditional music structure, new genre movements like this one have been able to flourish by connecting directly with fans.  Bedroom producers, small and boutique label producers have figured out an addictive, head-nodding music formula by taking successful elements of Electronic Dance Music and Rap, throwing them in a musical blender, creating what I’d like to call “Thug Rave”.   These producers are experiencing rapid success, performing at sold out festivals, and some attracting the attention of suits at major labels trying to catch on to the tittle wave of attention to this new phenomenon.

Here are a few tracks that exemplify this new movement:

Flosstradamus – Total Recall

(An alternative Soundcloud link has been provided because the group was forced to take the track off their official page due to copyright infringement claims surrounding the vocal samples. Nevertheless, the track made its way to the public, becoming one of the most played songs in many rap and electronic DJ sets in the U.S. this year).

Thugli – The Sounds

RL Grime – Trap On Acid

Baauer – Harlem Shake

As you can hear, these producers combine strong synth leads with heart pounding 808’s, spastic yet perfectly executed snappy pitch-modified snares and vocal clips, and other elements from the typical Southern Crunk drum kit.  The result are a new breed of catchy, high energy tunes that have developed a strong enthusiastic following, successfully building on the foundational blocks that EDM and Rap have provided.  This phenomenon has existed for less than two years, but it will be interesting to see how it progresses, and whether or not the genre will eventually gain mainstream exposure.


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