What does it take to reach worldwide fame?


Forty years ago, being talented in your music was enough to become famous if you had the right contacts. Today, being a brilliant musician is necessary, but not enough if you want to be a mainstrea artist. There are too many people who are brilliant musicians. So what makes the difference between the rockstar and the average performer?

Many people say that if you want to be a famous artist nowadays you need to make it when your young. This is only half true. Making it by being young is one way but there are others. The fact of being young is part of a concept that is much more general and important. That concept is about being different, extreme, and interesting. People like extreme cases because they stick out of the boring garbage we see everywhere.

You can differentiate yourself from others by being old. Susan Boyle made a killing on the “America’s got talent” show because she’s an extreme case. She has talent, but she is old and unattractive. How many old people do you know that are trying to become famous artists? This completely set her apart from all her competitors. You can differentiate yourself by being in your own world. Lady gaga didn’t become famous thanks to her voice or her songs. It definitely helped, but one of the main reason she made it is because she was in her own eccentric fashion world. She transformed her world from looking weird into being cool.


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