Is the music industry run by “arrogant and outdated dinosaurs?”

“You need to understand that some labels are run by arrogant and outdated dinosaurs who have been in business for 1000 years. These guys think an iPad is a facial treatment, the Internet is the devil, and wired phones are still hip. They are in denial about the new realities and opportunities. They don’t understand that the rip-off days are over. Artists are more educated than ever about how they are getting ripped off and how the big labels only look after themselves.” – Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom is the name behind the controversial streaming site Megaupload. He has hinted that the website will relaunch before the end of the year under the new name, Megabox. It will be an artist-to-fan music platform with the purpose of allowing artists to sell music directly to fans and gain 90% of the revenue generated, hence “unchaining” consumers from the music industry.

According to, the site will give users a choice of two. They can either pay for the music, like iTunes, or they can get it for free by installing a “Megakey” software that replaces about 15% of the ads served up by the website with ads hosted by Megabox. Details on the site are still rather vague but Dotcom seems certain that this time it will be impossible to shut him down. Arrogance or confidence? We’ll have to wait and see! If this works it could be a major game changer in the music industry.

Tweeting earlier this week, Dotcom released a video previewing his upcoming Megabox site saying “The Making of Megabox. Unchaining artists and fans. Coming soon.”
As of yet, no launch date has been announced. Dotcom is working closely with his lawyers to ensure that the site has “ironclad legal protection” and will be free of the legal controversies that dogged his Megaupload site that was taken down by the US Department of Justice in January 2012. Dotcom and his partners were arrested for allegedly operating as an organization dedicated to copyright infringement and encouraging online piracy. However, the case has been stalled due to a ruling that his home was illegally searched.

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