Wrestling and Rock and Roll always seemed to be a right match for each other, from CYNDI LAUPER as WENDI RICHTER’s WWF manager in the 1980’s to when GWAR’s lead singer, ODERUS URUNGUS jumped into the ring to fight TRACY SMOTHERS in 2009. More recently however bands have been incorporating pro wrestling into their live performances but taking it to new extremes.

EAT THE TURNBUCKLE is a band from Philadelphia, PA I caught opening for THE MENTORS (EL DUCE’S old band) on August 29th, 2012 at PORT 41 in Hell’s Kitchen. EAT THE TURNBUCKLE has six band members, two of which are singers; one is dressed as a bucher, the other has a chain and padlock around his neck and is armed with cheese graters on his forearms. EAT THE TURNBUCKLE began their set with the butcher pulling two ends of barbed wire across another band members head with his foot on his back, while the rest of the band built up the sound then broke into the first song.

All while they played things were flying around, trash can lids were getting smashed on band member’s heads, but my personal favorite was the fluorescent tube light bulbs that they would break over each others heads every now and then that would pop and shatter.

The energy at the show was great, and definitely an entertaining act, as long as you are not in the middle of the action… but is the world really ready for this extreme music sport? Maybe not your average top 40 listener, but there is definitely a home for “ULTRA-VIOLENT DEATH MATCH ROCK AND ROLL” the Hardcore Scene.



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