And in today’s forecast: Blue Velvet with a chance of silver lining…

As I continue to figure out exactly what I would like my blog entries to focus on during this semester, I figured I would write about a current musical icon that we inhabitants of Valencia (and probably the rest of the world) can’t seem to escape seeing on the billboard of every street: Miss Lana Del Rey. It’s quite interesting actually… she has been the topic of discussion in a number of classes here at Berklee Valencia. To see her face pop up on every billboard around the city… It’s almost as if her ears were burning.

Anyway, to explain why Lana’s ‘I don’t care about anything’/deer in headlights facial expressions are pasted all over town.

Recently, Miss Del Rey partnered with the famous clothing chain, H&M, to launch their new LA Noir line. Being a fan of H&M myself (as well as a big fan of Del Rey), I have shopped there a couple of times since being in Spain, and her vintage-esqe voice on her exclusively for H&M track “Blue Velvet” has filled my ears numerous times as I combed through racks and stacks to find articles of clothing that are particularly my taste… and maybe even resemble a bit of Lana’s image.

The discussions that we have had in class about Lana focus on her ultimate failure performance on SNL as she performed “Video Games”. Although she has laid low on the live performance scene since then, Del Rey hasn’t failed in producing and releasing (in my opinion) amazingly beautiful cinematographic and artistic music videos that perfectly reflect the dramatic, sad, emotional, and lovingly passionate music and lyrics that make Lana who she is. I would say her image and these videos, in addition to her album, have helped to keep her afloat.
And as the time has passed, I think she and her team have seen and evaluated the mistakes they made and are using H&M as a popular platform to bring her back to a better standing position in the music world.
It will be interesting to see how this campaign works for Del Rey’s career; whether it will help or harm it. Possibly, this could be the focus of my blog entries; observing the way major companies and brands can help to revive or improve the career and campaigns of artists: new, established, struggling, or come-back. I believe this partnership between Del Rey and H&M will truly be a test to see if her SNL dive was enough to completely ruin her forever or if you can truly come back strongly after such a huge mistake.

NOTE: I stumbled across this article this morning. Apparently Miss Lana performed at the release party of the Jaguar F-Type in Paris and seems to be putting her stamp on luxury vehicles now. You go girl…

One thought on “And in today’s forecast: Blue Velvet with a chance of silver lining…

  1. Yeah it’s surprising to see all the billboards of Lana del Rey in town and talking about her failure in class. I’m really curious to see how her future is going to be

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