The Works of a New MySpace?

Just a few days ago, a sneak preview of the layout of the new MySpace was released. Musician and actor, Justin Timberlake has his hand in the new MySpace as an investor. Now tell me… Is this really possible to make a come-back with all the other social networks at its peak? For instance, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr.

Even though many companies have made attempts at making a thrilling and entertaining social network, MySpace has been a platform for musicians. And even as other networks have come along and taken a lot of it’s attention, it has still been used as a platform for many musicians to reach out to their fans. (That’s where Justin Timberlake come’s along)

“In a single sentence, it’s a social network for the creative community to connect to their fans,” Myspace owner Tim Vanderhook told the Hollywood Reporter. The new layout looks familiar to some social network users eyes actually. I think its a mashup of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr all in one. But, its main focus is on music. I personally think that it could make a wonderful comeback and be a helpful platform for thriving musicians all over the world.

Release date has not been announced.

Can MySpace really make a comeback?


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