Super Manager – Troy Carter


Troy Carter is the manager of who is widely considered to be today’s biggest superstar – Lady Gaga. After reading a case study about his management techniques and marketing strategy for Gaga, it was apparent to me that her stratospheric success was not a matter of random timing. It was all part of Carter’s long term strategy to bring her success at the right moment. I believe his best qualities as a manager are patience and long-term thinking.

Lady Gaga has always been a star; however, the way she was brought out, cultivated, and presented to the public did not happen overnight. Carter knew that for her to be successful and not written off as a weird new alternative act, he would have to grow her audience of superfans before thrusting her out into the public eye. Gaga’s performance abilities were always good, and I believe she could have been playing arenas and stadiums far sooner than she did, but Carter had a different plan. He kept her in clubs and venues of that nature so that she could connect more closely with her audience. He also kept her in many gay venues, because he knew that was where her most dedicated fans would lie and that she would eventually be a huge gay icon.

Another trait that Carter shares with other super managers (such as Scooter Braun) is that he realizes that his artist is unique, and he is not going to make decisions that imitate that of another artist. Lady Gaga’s brand partnerships and endorsements, for example, have all been for original products BY Lady Gaga – makeup, earphones, you name it. She has partnered with these companies and made her own products as opposed to endorsing previously created products, and this helped solidify her unique image. Carter’s eye for this is very keen. He does not seek out deals for her that will result in money only. He seeks out deals that will keep her image steady as well as her pocketbook. On that note, he also strays away from deals that would harm her image but greatly increase her financial flow. When Target wanted to partner with Gaga and Carter found out they funded anti-homosexual campaigns, he pulled out. Yes, it would have been a great financial decision in the short run, but she would have lost a TON of her fans, and it is likely she never would have recovered from that.

It’s obvious that Troy Carter is not the sole reason for Gaga’s success. In fact, it can be argued that she is more responsible for her success than he is. However, he has always been a very sound advisor to her, and it is his patience and long-term vision that have cultivated her success and put her on the career path she has traveled down thus far.

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