Group project learning experience

As a music business student in the management track I never had the opportunity to work in a project that actually involved applying the skills learned in the classroom into the “real world”.  Therefore when the opportunity of working in a project as a manager for the band Nanai arose I looked at it as an opportunity to gain work experience rather than just another class project.  Since the day we started working with them I knew it was going to be a great learning experience. Not only did I learn from working with Nanai but also from doing it collectively with my classmates. Social media sites, biography (English/Spanish), artist website, promote concert among many others are some of the goals that were set and accomplished while working with Nanai. Even though time was not on our side we managed to give our best in helping them have a clearer vision on how to guide their career within the next few years. Personally I would have loved to have at least one more semester to work with them in a much more developed way. Another great experience that I had with the band was having the opportunity to rehearse and perform with them on a concert. I believe that Nanai has a lot of potential and that could easily achieve all their career goals. In order to achieve their goals they need to have good management and put more effort into the marketing and promotion of the band. One of the most important things about this project is that in the process both sides learned something new. Like I said before I strongly believe that this type of project is highly educational and should be incorporated into more classes.


Que viva Nanai y la clase de music intermidiaries!!!!!!!! 

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