Final Words…

So, now that we have reached the end, it is time to talk a little bit about my posts.

I think that at this time in the music industry, we can all agree that things are moving very fast, and in directions that we are not used to. Artists used to make music as a creative art that was sold for profit, and now recorded music acts as promotional tools. People will agree and disagree for years to come, but no matter what position you take on piracy and file sharing, at this point it is virtually unavoidable.

Personally, I believe that this main hurdle has changed EVERY part of the industry, including the artist, and all music intermediaries. I believe that because recorded music has become only a piece of the “artist” today, that people have to work harder to make money. Lately, the expression “put the r in band…brand” is constantly being thrown around, but I believe that it is true. The music industry is so much more than simply creating music. It is more than managers consulting, agents booking, and musicians playing. People within the industry have to be multi faceted. There isn’t room or money for little pop princesses with just a pretty face.

Musicians are becoming their own team and their own music intermediary. Managers and Agents are doing more than ever, and big agencies are getting involved in anything possible. I read today that the Windish Agency now has started a performing arts division. I think this is great, but I also think this proves that a smart business person or company has to keep all doors open to new ideas and new business ventures. People need to be better than phone applications, artists need to be open to multiple genres and creative (and somewhat embarrassing) promotional strategies, and promoters and agents need to look at the art of live shows as more than just a show. Everything in the industry today has to work together to provide a bigger picture, and a more successful career for the artist.

Everyone in the industry has to be able to wear lots of different hats.

The definition of a “music intermediary” gets broader everyday, and it is a beautiful and scary thing. Although things are evolving within the industry in an unorthodox way, the most fantastic thing is that the real talents of today are being showcased. Not only in the creation of music, but in the messy web that connects the music to people all over the world. The messy web that is music intermediaries.

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