Tour Promotion OR Touring FOR Promotion?

Thus far in my posts, I have explored the importance of the manager and artist to keep up to date will multiple facets of a career, but I have yet to expose the talents that today’s agent must have in order to stat current in the industry.
It is obvious that touring is one of the most (if not THE most) significant ways to make money in the industry. Touring is not just a revenue booster for an artist, but all of the intermediary players as well. Because live shows are so detrimental to an artist’s team, the agent and promoter cannot just be thinking about shows, they also have to be thinking about the entire career of the artist. Shows are not just shows anymore, but rather a whole process of promotion, and image marketing. In a blog post on by Brian Thompson, he agrees in this theory as well.

“The music industry is nothing more than a world of recommendations.
In order to survive you need to be talked about”

Everyone in the industry today talks about being “remarkable” and in the end, that remarkable quality is what makes money. Everyone within the artist’s team has to be constantly thinking of ways to get people talking about the artist! The agent today has to be an expert at planning shows that will create a buzz in the right places at the right time.

“Touring isn’t just about ticket and merch sales. It’s about being a part of the local What’s Happening conversation. It’s about being newsworthy. It’s about being remarkable (worth remarking on).”

The booking agent is not just booking shows anymore, but helping plan and shape an entire career. Immediate gratification is something our generation is used to, but the music industry is going through a phase where patience is key. The entire team has so be crafty, and creative in the long road to generating a profit. The creativity, intellect, expertise, and promotional savvy that a booking agent and promoter need proves that these people have to be “renaissance men” in order to survive the industry.

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