One Man’s Joke is Another Band’s Promotion!

Today, I was spending some of my morning brousing facebook, and I ended up getting a friendly facebook chat message from an old friend that I hadn’t talked to in a while. We hadn’t talked in a good six months, so we had a lot to discuss. In our banter, I learned something that I HAD to blog about. My friend Sean Robinson is a senior at Berklee, and is in a new band called “Mirror Lady”. The Indie Rock band has done well, with a tour and a nice little stop at South By Southwest. However, what really caught my attention was an accidental promotional scheme that got the band 15,000 hits on their presskit site.
Sean’s story begins about 5 months ago when he got out of a pretty serious relationship. His friends thought he had had enough time umm…by himself… they decided to “help” him out. The created a website called “”. The website says a little about sean, and has a timer for how long it has been “sinceseanbanged”. This funny joke turned into much more due to the fact that within the bio was an embedded link to the “Mirror Lady” site.
Basically, long story short, the website ended up going viral and getting over 300000 hits, and because of this, 15,000 hits on the presskit site!
Inspiration can spark from everywhere, and promotion can come from all outlets. This comical way of creating a buzz did some real good for the band’s popularity, and image. The whole idea of being “remarkable” is so accurate in this situation. A funny joke turned into something that people wanted to talk about, thus bringing them more listeners, and because Mirror Lady is actually talented, more fans.

Check out for a good laugh, and for some good music by “Mirror Lady”

* Sean would like everyone to know that the timer on the website is no longer accurate. Since the website launched, he has met a “hot Harvard dancer girl” and the band cannot figure out how to reset the timer. “We just don’t know how to update it in a way that will garner attention.” Smart idea.

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