Creative commons

Hello people!! thought it would be a good idea to share just a little information on creative commons with you all. Hope you guys find it interesting I tried to make it short enough to make you all go and do some more research haha 🙂 here it is:

Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2001. Their mission is to increase the number of creative works available to everyone to build upon and to share legally. Creative commons gives the opportunity to creators to maintain their copyrights while allowing some uses of their work. Thus, their work can be more compatible with the Internet. In my opinion the idea of “some rights reserved” instead of  “all rights reserved” can be good in certain scenarios. A good example of this is the website “Wikipedia”. Wikipedia allows it user to modify certain amount of information in their website while still reserving some other rights from their copyrights. Although a few years ago many people didn’t agreed with their proposal, we have seen how recently more and more people are using their licenses.   


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