Gotye: turning your online presence into an engine of success

We said that the Internet became, since a few years ago, the new crucial intermediary for musicians to deliver their art to their fans and for the fans to find and follow new musicians. The tools are there, accessible to anyone with a computer and an Internet connection. Everyday there are thousands (if not millions) of content uploads by professional and amateur musicians that seek to generate a positive impact in their followers and hopefully become the next boom in terms of audience. However, as we said, most of these uploads are part o the million of sporadic and disorganized intents to get some attention.

We all know this story, the one of the random guy in a random place in the world, who does some extravagant funny or random video, upload it to YouTube, and two days later he or she is the absolute new sensation of the World Wide Web (remember Rebecca Black, Susan Boyle or even the Annoying Orange… to name a few). This phenomenon has become so common that every time is less surprising to see the amount of (million!) views that this type of videos can get. However, it’s still pretty surprising because they can definitely be a lot. The capability that YouTube has to propel somebody to the world “fame” is incredible.

Curiously enough, it’s interesting to think about how many of these day-boomers actually manage to capture the attention they generated and retain it in the long run, creating and maintaining a solid group of fans and followers. If we think about it, not many of the cases we may remember are still in the spotlight for many people. This is because the artists (and “artists”) that generate this hype do not have anything else to offer afterwards, they don’t have any way of truly capturing this attention for their own benefit and they don’t have any platform to establish a long-term relationship with their new discoverers. Gotye is a perfect example of somebody who did the opposite, of someone who did learned how to establish and maintain these new fan-relationships, of somebody that was ready to capitalize the enormous hype that he was lucky enough to generate.

The key factors for Gotye’s success are related first to having a great and sticky song like Somebody That I Used To Know, feat. Kimbra. Then, in making an eye-catching and entertaining video that was easy to share among his fans and the rest of the million curious people on the Internet; and lastly, but very importantly, in having an already up and running platform (his website) that allowed him to be easy to find and follow online, with his different sub-platforms (YouTube channel, MySpace, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) linked together, updated, and ready to turn curious visitors into super fans

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