Rehearsing with Nanai

Hello bloggers,

I want to share with you all my experience of rehearsing and performing with Nanai. Like I said in an earlier post, Nanai is not just another band. You can notice this just by listening to their songs and watching some of their videos online. They are a group of musicians with a mission of sending a message throughout their music. They have managed to incorporate serious lyrics into entertaining rhythms that makes even the worse dancers jump into the dance floor. Rehearsing with them was a really good experience. Since I walked in to the rehearsal room they welcomed me with a smile in their faces and a really good energy. As soon as everybody was ready to play we all started jamming for a few minutes. In this jam they came up with a few ideas that they decided to record so that later on they could develop them into new songs. After jamming for a good twenty minutes we then started working on the set list for the show. One of the things that I liked the most about the rehearsal is the way they were open to new ideas from all the members, even me.  After practicing the songs that I was playing on, we jammed a little more and came up with some more ideas for new songs. In the second half of the rehearsal they ran the set list twice. After rehearsal was over they decided to go for beers and bocatas.   In my opinion, the energy and vibe they transmit to the listener has a lot to do with the good relationship the musicians have. I am sure that if they keep working as hard as they are right now success is the only thing that awaits them. Que viva Nanai!

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