Where Have All The Managers Gone???

Hello students, faculty, and all other who are LOVIN’ reading this blog!

As time has progressed in my educational career, I have learned, read, and experienced many things involving the music industry and the music intermediaries who make it all turn round.

We all know and accept that social media, and technology have taken over, and many jobs have been stated unnecessary, while new jobs have been created. People say that labels are dying, and “Do It Yourself” is the only way. BUT, when does the “do it yourself” mentality become noise? When will the only music intermediary be the Internet? I would not say we are close to getting rid of manager or agents, or lawyers, but after an article I discovered on Hypebot.com, I have found that we may be closer than we think.

The article is titled “Artist Growth Launches Musician Career Management Platform With Mobile Tool” by Hisham Dahud

Check it out on Hypebot here….


The article talks about a cloud based platform that basically acts as your own manager.

“At its core, Artist Growth is a software platform that provides artists with streamlined career management tools that track daily business activities and coordinate projects,all in one place. The aim is to help artists better manage their own careers by monitoring revenue goals, expenses, and keeps track of the overall data their music trends. Essentially, the goal with AG is to empower the artist with tools to remain as independent, organized, and economically responsible as possible.”

This $4.99 a month application could end up saving artists thousands of dollars that they would normally pay to a manager. Applications like these are making it easier and easier for musicians to do their own work. Artists can record studio-quality records in their bedroom, book their own shows, and now have a computer manage their entire workload. I have heard from many industry professionals that they believe technology is the brightest point in the industry today, but it could be the downfall of some seriously substantial occupations.

Only time will tell, but for now, everybody needs to be thinking about what is next to come, and be prepared for change.

If you want to be in the Industry, now more than ever, you have got to be a Renaissance Man.

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