MIDEM 2012

This year I had the opportunity to attend to “MIDEM” the world’s biggest music business trade fair that takes place every year in Cannes, France. This might sound a little dramatic to you all but I am not lying when I say that attending to MIDEM changed my life. It is unbelievable the amount of information that you can get and the people you can meet in just a few days. Since it was my first time attending to a music business trade fair at first I was completely lost. It took me around a day to get used to the way things were been run and to start meeting with people that work in the different fields that I am more interested about in the industry. Just by walking around the different booths you could see how important are the different types of intermediaries in an artist’s career. Publishers, Managers, Attorneys and Web Designers just to name of few were the different booths you could find there.  There were two different sessions that I found really productive: meet the lawyers and meet the managers. In these two sessions I got to talk one to one with people that are actually doing what I would like to do after graduating. The amount of advice and information about the industry that I got out of those one to one meetings is just unexplainable. I definitely plan to go to MIDEM in the next few years and eventually have my own booth and represent my country there.

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