Meeting the band


As part of one of the assignments for the music intermediaries’ class I’m working in a group project with the band Nanai. Our mission is to help them promote their upcoming show in March 17 and further their career goals. After researching on the web and listening to some of their music we finally set up a meeting with the main vocalist of the group and the percussionist, Pilar and Luisjo. In this meeting we got a better sense of what is Nanai all about. Nanai is not just another band. They are trying to transmit a message throughout their music. They have had the opportunity to perform in different festivals throughout Europe and at the moment they are planning the recording of their first album. In that meeting we exchanged ideas on how to promote their upcoming show and how to create a budget to afford the recording process. The last few years the band have worked restlessly in order to build a strong fan base around the Valencia area and their effort has finally started to give fruits. Pilar and Luisjo expressed their desire to become known and respected worldwide. In that meeting we were able to set a list of goals that we want to accomplish before the semester is over. This goal list includes things such as: translate biography, promote the show, work in online presence and crow funding website to name a few. So far we have been able to translate the bio, update their FB and Twitter account and help promote the upcoming show in different ways. I think I speak for the whole group when I say that we are really excited to be working with such a talented band and we are looking forward to the upcoming show.


P.S. Luisjo and Pilar asked me to play Baritone Sax in the show!!!! I am really looking forward to it! See you all there!!!!!!!


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